Early Career- Resume

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  • A resume that is perfect for recent graduates and those new to the workforce
  • It takes a professional to blend in non-paid work, little work experience, and volunteer work into a top 5% resume
  • Amazon STAR interview method, Behavioral Based Interviewing
  • Your first job sets your future direction
  • Stand out from the other 200 candidates
  • Industry-Specific cover letter
  • Conduct mock interview customized for your target firms
  • Dedicated time to talk about companies, job titles, job compensation, and expectations
  • Deep dive into school / early work accomplishments, affiliations, hobbies
  • Use “Recruiter Secretes” to add experience, industry training or certifications listed on your resume that you have not yet completed or enrolled in
  • Get noticed by applicant tracking systems
  • Conduct mock interview customized for your target firms
  • Review best-practices for your digital self





Cover Letter

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