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At Resume Ninja our mission is simple- help as many people as possible to get new jobs. We do this by Listening, Educating and Presenting them to the world.

About US

It all began in 1997, when Todd met his brother-in-law's girlfriend's father who owned a recruiting agency, and the rest they say, is history.
When our founder,Todd, decided it was time to share his 20 years’ experience of the HR and recruiting industry he decided to do it from the candidates perspective. Having reviewed hundreds of thousands of resumes over his career, and working side by side with Hiring Managers,
Todd knew a thing or two about what a great resume should look like.

Soon candidates started sharing their experience and we began to grow. Today, our team is comprised of qualified career coaches, recruiters and employment experts. Working with VP's and Directors, developing job descriptions, and creating the interview questions Todd had first-hand knowledge of the entire hiring process from resume to first day. Countless hours were spent counseling and coaching candidates on resumes, interviewing and how to present themselves.

However, all too often he was shocked to see the poor grammar, outdated formatting and uninspiring content that filled many of the resumes. Resume Ninja was born from the desire to provide a service that didn’t treat customers like a number but like individuals - and that’s exactly what we did We created a process based on the simple philosophy that less is more, don't tell who are, show who you are.

Do it personally, quickly and affordably. It is a travesty that someone charges $175.00 for a recent graduate resume or that they require a 6 day turn around time frame. This is an urgent business and many times 100 people will apply as soon as the position is open. That is why we offer a 24 hour turnaround time and unlimited communication. And lastly we believe in a personal, holistic approach, and include the entire process of resume writing, social presence, career advice and interview prep during our initial call at no extra charge. Your success is a reflection of us.

What we are known for


We are the company behind thousands of job-winning application tools in the United States. The praises we get from our satisfied clients prove our strong client base in the country.


Plain resumes frustrate us. Thus, in assuring quality results, we dig into our clients’ credentials and hunt for skills that match their intended job. This helps us prove their productive worth and boost their marketability before employers.

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